Welcome to Earth Walker Primitive Survival

Welcome to my blog. I am Sgt. Speakman, founder of Earth Walker Primitive and Earth Walker Creations. I created this blog as a place to post my survival ideas, lessons and philosophy for my followers to view and comment and learn.

EWP is a survival philosophy involving both modern and primitive methods of self reliance. This blog is for all those who either camp, hunt, hike, are into scouting, love being outdoors or just plain want to learn and know what to do if found in a survival experience.

Hope you enjoy.

Feel free to email questions, comments and even share your own experiences, skills and tricks of the trade with me. If there is anything you wish me to answer or discuss or do a lesson/video on please email me at earthwalkerprimitive@yahoo.com

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cordage - Spiral Cut Method.wmv

In this video I demonstrate how to make leather cordage using the spiral cut method.

Monday, August 9, 2010

sgt speakman EDC Kit (Every Day Carry).wmv

Demonstrating my EDC (Every Day carry) Kit I keep with me everytime I go to the field. An EDC kit is a great tool to carry with you to be there whenever you find yourself in a bind. This demonstration is the basic EDC I instruct my students to keep with them but depending ont he enviroment, weather and what activity you are doing you can always add to and improve what is carried on an EDC.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Primitive Tool Box Video 1.wmv

Start of a multi video series on finding and making primitive tools.
How to make tools to work in and live in an extended stay camp with only the clothes on your body as tools.

Fire Starting Kit Demo.wmv

This is the fire kit I carry and recomend. It is a simple very affective fire starting kit and I never leave home without it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Kits


for ecamples of my 3 basic kits I carry check out the link.

I detail my fire kit, my EDC (every day carry) and my extended stay pack

Improvised Cheap Survival Kits -short.wmv

Demonstrating how to put together a very cheap inexspensive but very useful survival kit using items bought in a dollar store. Keep a survival kit in your truck, camper, boat, atv or pack with you on camping and hiking trips.